Rumors of a new iPhone SE line up with previous leaks that suggest a new design

iPhone SE 4 may look like iPhone 14, but with one rear camera

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An insider with a mixed track record has pounced on iPhone SE 4 rumors. echoing the design leaks that were previously reported.

There were previously rumors that the fourth-generation iPhone SE would be similar to the iPhone 14 with a single camera and a dynamic island. Its development has been a bit chaotic, but it could arrive in 2025.

According to a leaker known as Majin Boo on X, the iPhone SE 4 may look 鈥渟imilar鈥 to the iPhone 16 and be about the size of the iPhone XR. It will have one large camera at the back and a dynamic island.

In a follow-up message, he said that this information should not be taken too seriously.

Let's break this post down.

Rumors suggest that the iPhone 16's exterior design will be similar to the iPhone 15. The iPhone 15 has a slight curve at the base of the aluminum band, but otherwise looks like the iPhone 14.

>So, “a design very similar to that of the current iPhone 16” could mean that it is essentially the iPhone 14, as the previous rumor suggested. Boo's mention of the iPhone XR is a bit of a red herring as he probably means the iPhone SE 4 is larger than the iPhone SE 3, but that would be obvious if it had the iPhone 14/16 design.

Rumors about one camera and Dynamic Island coincide with what was previously reported. This camera could be 48MP to match the base iPhone 15 and the rumored iPhone 16.

These specs may seem high for a budget model, but by 2025, it will be three years since the iPhone launched. 14. Additionally, Apple may change any of these rumored features prior to final production.

Majin Boo is finding it increasingly difficult to trust information leaks. He had some accurate rumors, but they usually coincide with what more accurate sources report.

He was also a little upset this week over dubious rumors about smaller batteries and camera design changes.

The whistleblower often shares images or leaks found on Weibo without attribution. Additionally, any original leaks seem to have failed to materialize, such as the updated iMessage app.

However, since Boo compares his latest rumors with what was said earlier, we believe it is possible. More accurate sources such as Ming-Chi Kuo have not spoken out about the iPhone SE 4 for a long time, since the original version, which was planned for release in 2024, was delayed.

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