Rumor has it that the next iPhone SE will have a dynamic island instead of a notch

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While most reports currently agree that the next iPhone SE will feature a similar design to the standard iPhone 14 model, which features a notch for Face ID, there are now sketchy rumors that the device will feature Dynamic instead Island.

iPhone SE with Dynamic Island layout from @upintheozone
This latest statement comes from the source information @MajinBuOfficial on X, formerly known as Twitter. In addition to Dynamic Island, he said the next iPhone SE could feature a vertical rear camera bump like the rumored iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus, but with one camera instead of two. Based on the information he shared, the rear microphone and LED flash will be located under the pill-shaped camera lens.

@MajinBuOfficial recently shared supposed designs of the iPhone 16, which are believed to be accurate. However, he is ambivalent about the Apple rumors and cautioned that the iPhone SE has not yet been confirmed. Additionally, Apple is likely prototyping several iPhone SE models and may not have finalized the design yet.

The next iPhone SE is expected to launch in 2025, about three years after the current model's release , but these timings may change.

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