Rumor has it that an M4 MacBook Pro is already in development at Apple

Apple is already working on the MacBook Pro M4

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Apple will likely release new MacBook Pro models with the M3 in October 2023, but the company is not ready to slow down just yet. Rumors suggest that a MacBook Pro M4 line is already in development.

Intel's transition to Apple Silicon left many unknowns, such as how often Apple will update and release chipsets. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a turning point and made it impossible to predict the cycle early on, but rumors of the M4 entering development hint at what to expect in the future.

Apple Silicon introduced its third generation in October 2023, announcing three chipsets — M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max. This was the first time Apple announced three chips at once, leaving only the M3 Ultra for a later date.

There are rumors that an M4 is in development, although the M3 MacBook Air was released just a few days before. Apple always insists on releasing its next product internally, but this again raises the issue of frequency.

Apple Silicon release cycle

The M1 release cycle has been extended for several reasons , primarily due to the pandemic and how it affected the supply chain. The M1 was first unveiled in November 2020 and the production cycle ended in March 2022.

The M2 went through an accelerated release cycle, starting with its presentation in June 2022 and ending with the M2 Ultra in June 2023 &mdash ; just a year later.

In just a few months, the M3 will be launched alongside the M3 Pro and M3 Max in October 2023. It looks like the M3 Ultra could be unveiled sometime between June and November 2024.

That is, the M4 will not be announced until the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025. It seems unlikely that Apple would update Mac chipsets and product lines every year, but that's already happening with the iPhone.

A rumor hinting at what will happen next

Recall that one of the important reasons why Apple switched to Apple Silicon was the desire to control the product pipeline and know when new chips would appear. Intel didn't give the company that option, causing some product lines to stall as chip releases were repeatedly delayed.

The M4 rumor stemmed from an unnecessary comment at the end of an Apple Car interview conducted by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. This news was first reported by MacRumors.

You don't have to have deep industry sources to know Apple is working on an M4, but the timing wasn't always predictable. Gurman stated that the M4 “has just begun official development,” which provides insight into a potential release timeline for the next generation of Apple Silicon.

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