Rivian updates iPhone app to support Live Activity while charging

Rivian is releasing an update to its iPhone app with Live Activity support. This allows Rivian drivers to track their car's charging progress directly from the iPhone lock screen or using Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15.

In Notes for the release of the latest version of the Rivian app, the company says, “Get real-time charging updates with our new charging Live Activity.”

The RivianTrackr account on Threads shared several screenshots of Live Activity on the iPhone lock screen and on Dynamic Island . You can see the car's current charge percentage and range, current charging speed, remaining time, and current charge limit.

Here it is on the lock screen:

And here it is in Dynamic Island:

The latest version of the Rivian app is available in the Store app. The update also includes more advanced charging session graph data and the ability to change tire pressure units.

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