Review: Withings Body Scan with Body Segment Computer, Nerve Activity, Apple Health and More

Withings' latest smart scale is so advanced that the company calls it a “health station.” ; I tested the Withings Body Scan and its features like segmental body composition measurements, nerve activity, 6-lead ECG and more, all of which come with Apple Health integration. Is it worth the premium price? I think yes, if these features are interesting to you.

Withings Body Scan functions

  • 6-lead ECG
  • Measurement of weight and segmental body composition
  • Visceral fat, water and lean mass measurements
  • Vascular age and heart rate readings
  • Electrodermal readings (small nerve activity and general health assessment)
  • Air quality sensor
  • 1 Year battery life (rechargeable).
  • Supports up to 8 users with automatic recognition.
  • Automatic sync via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Available in black and white.
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  • 3 months of Withings+ free ($9.95/mo thereafter)
  • 30-day trial, 2-year warranty
  • Price: $399 (FSA eligible)

Assembly and Unboxing

Withings has a reputation for high quality equipment and I I think Body Scan hits the mark. Its predominantly glass design is both sleek and very durable. The bottom of the aid station and the retractable handle are made of plastic, but they feel well made.

Here's what you get when you open the box:

At the top of the aid station you will find a wall mount for the retractable handles and USB-C cable for charging the device.

Withings cautions that the handle mount, which uses adhesive, is intended for tiled walls and not drywall/paint. Although you can screw in a couple of screws to attach it to other types of walls.

On the back is a USB-C port and a pairing button (the latter is really only used for initial setup).


Setting up the Body Scan is easy with the Withings Health Mate app.

Once connected to your phone, you will learn how to use the pen/medicine station, set your target body weight/body composition, how the new segmental body composition function works, understand how the new electrodermal (nerve activity) readings work and much more.


Although I appreciate the 6-lead ECG, the assessment of nerve activity and vascular age. The feature I found most useful was the new segmental body composition readings.

When you look at the main “indicator” in the Withings app, you'll get a nice overview with your latest weight and body composition data right underneath.

Withings shows your current trend, such as “Gain Muscle.” broken down by percentage.

Click on the body composition section and you'll access a new segmented breakdown of body composition.

Not only does Body Scan and the Withings app show you your body fat and average muscle mass in your legs, torso and arms, but you also get a score compared to other Withings users your age.

In my case, segmental body composition measurements showed that my legs were lagging behind, my torso and upper body had muscle mass, which forced me to adjust my fitness plan.

Along with the weight, BMI and segmental body composition readings, Body Scan provides data on visceral fat, muscle mass and water mass. check.

It is important to note that visceral fat is “a type of fat that can be found around vital organs in the abdomen (torso) area. More precisely, visceral fat surrounds the stomach, liver, intestines and other organs. This is the type of fat most associated with health problems.”

Whitings emphasizes that keeping visceral fat at healthy levels “can help reduce cardiovascular risks, high blood pressure and the appearance of type 2 fat.” diabetes.”

Measuring your water weight is an easy way to check if you are drinking enough fluids.

6-lead ECG

Although you may already take an ECG with an Apple Watch or other device, a 6-lead ECG with a body scan is closer to what you'll find in the doctor's or cardiologist's office.

Once ECGs are recorded using Body Scan, you can play back the recording and quickly share either a PDF of the measurements or a “full health report”; with your doctor or other healthcare provider.

Apple Health Support

As it has been doing for years, Withings has done an excellent job integrating Apple Health. This means that you automatically add data such as weight, BMI, body fat, lean body mass, etc. to the Apple Health app.

Conversely, metrics you record from your Apple Watch or iPhone , such as steps, VO2 max and other parameters are displayed in the Withings Health Mate app.

Withings Body Scan Conclusion

After testing the Withings Body Scan device, I think it would be fair for the company to call it the most advanced smart scale health station.

The amount of health-related features you get is truly impressive, and Body Scan provides excellent interaction with both hardware and software.

The only question is whether how important are features like body composition segmentation, neural activity and 6-lead ECG – this is for you.

Body Scan at $399 is a premium product and I think it is very useful if the best and most detailed health data is important. for you.

However, the Withings Cardio smart scale costs less than half the price and includes many of the same features, such as body composition (non-segmental), vascular age determination and more. And Withings Body admission is only $99 – 1/4 the price of Body Scan.

What do you think? Are Body Scan's advanced features worth the $399 price tag? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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