Reports are circulating about a very specific crack on the front glass of the Apple Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro protective glass with a crack. Source: Reddit u/dornbirn

Several Reddit users have shared images of a neat cut on the front glass of the Apple Vision Pro, reportedly appearing for no reason.

Apple Vision Pro is a carefully designed product with no corners or odd parts on all sides. The front glass is a single sheet that serves as a lens for security cameras.

This precision engineering leaves no room for tolerance or error, which may be the reason for the limited number of reports of coverslip cracks. At the time of publication, prominent Reddit posts included similar images of broken glass right on the bridge of the nose.

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Every account claims they left the Apple Vision Pro connected to the battery and left it overnight. Conjecture believes that charging with the soft case in the travel case may cause the glass to overheat, causing it to expand and crack at its weakest point.

There don't appear to be any similar hack reports on Apple's support forums, X, or anywhere else online at this time.

Apple and AppleCare

The crack appears to be a sudden tear in the bridge of the nose, this would be the most weak part of the glass mold. Those experiencing the issue by contacting Apple support were asked to pay a $300 AppleCare deductible for the repair.

Without AppleCare, the privacy glass repair would cost $800.

Normally such a small sample wouldn't warrant a story, but a crack appearing the same way across all accounts makes it a pattern. A small number of devices may not have passed the test and were at greater risk of being hacked, but this is just speculation at this point.

Apple has not commented on the situation and most likely will not do so unless a more serious pattern is observed. The best course of action is to call Apple Support and request that the case be referred to a potential device defect.

Documenting exactly what you were doing before the hack and sharing that information will only help matters. If screen glass cracking is a widespread problem or an inherent defect, Apple may create a special program to fix it.

AppleInsider has confirmed that no appointments have been made at the Genius Bar due to these types of interruptions, with reports of reduced footfall at 24 stores, mostly on the US East Coast. If the issue had been more widespread, it would have exploded on social media after three weeks in the wild, and would have sold over 200,000 units.

If you have a jailbroken Apple Vision Pro that you haven't dropped, contact AppleInsider via our contact form with a link to an image of the jailbroken device and whether you charged it with or in the travel case . .

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