References to “homeOS” appear again in tvOS 17.4 beta

Apple#039;s Home app icon

Links to code in the first beta version of tvOS 17.4 for “homeOS” developers could be a sign that Apple is working on a new operating system aimed at home use.

Developer beta versions of Apple's operating systems often contain references to unannounced or soon-to-be-released products. When checking the latest tvOS 17.4 developer beta, there appears to be some for the unreleased operating system.

The links found by MacRumors mention “homeOS,” an operating system that appeared in a pair of job postings in June 2021 and November 2021. In both cases, homeOS was mentioned alongside iOS, watchOS and tvOS, and was later changed after reports found the term being used.

Except for references, there is no indication of what exactly homeOS will be used for, other than the name hinting at the environment in which it will likely be used.

Apple already uses HomeKit, its smart home system, which seems like a logical use of the name homeOS. There is also HomePod, which runs on HomePod Software, a modified form of tvOS that could potentially be rebranded with the release of future devices.

There have also been rumors that Apple will introduce a HomePod with a seven-inch display that could potentially be used as a smart home display. In fact, there have even been suggestions that the Apple monitor could act as a smart home display when it's not actively being used with a Mac.

Barring a presentation at an Apple event or during WWDC, it's unlikely that there will be any finalization of what homeOS is in the short term.

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