Rebranding of Apple ID to “Apple Account” is expected in the fall

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Potential rebranding of Apple ID Apple ID to “Apple Account” appears to have been confirmed, with the change expected to arrive later in 2024 along with the releases of macOS and iOS 18. .

Apple ID is the term used to refer to accounts on Apple's various online services, but it was previously rumored that it would become a simpler “Apple account” instead. Sunday's report said the same thing, making a change more likely.

In Bloomberg's “Power On” newsletter, Mark Gurman writes that the Apple Account name will replace the Apple ID in Apple software and websites until late 2024 at the earliest. The change will likely coincide with the launch of the next generation of Apple's operating system, including iOS 18.

Apple already has an “Apple Account” team, Gurman adds, ahead of a rebrand that could be phased out. Apple ID for a year. WWDC could be the first time Apple officially announces the change, giving developers time to adapt their apps to use the new language before its fall releases.

Although there is no official reason for the rebranding, it is likely that Apple is doing this to make it easier for users to understand what it is based on the name alone. Although this change seems minor, it will affect the name that Apple has been using for over 20 years.

The existence of two sets of change reports makes the prospect of a rebrand highly likely. However, there is no guarantee that Apple will actually pull the trigger and make changes until they are implemented.

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