Ready for a change? Netflix just unveiled a major redesign of its TV app

Netflix isn't afraid to change your app experience. The streaming giant announced today that there will be a major redesign of the Netflix app for TV devices such as Apple TV 4K, Chromecast and Smart TVs. Some users will soon see it in their Netflix app.

Netflix's new home page is dynamic and has no sidebar

There are two major changes to the updated Netflix app, and they have to do with how you navigate the home page page.

Emma Roth, writing for The Verge:


This isn't the only thing Netflix is ​​changing its look and feel. The update gets rid of the menu that appears on the left side of the Netflix home page and replaces it with a more convenient set of options at the top of the screen: Search, Home, Shows, Movies, and My Netflix.

Netflix has hundreds of millions of users, so it's not surprising that these changes will take some time to implement. The changes to the home page are just a test at this time. The company will test the redesign with a select group of users, but told The Verge that it ultimately hopes to roll it out more widely soon.

9to5Mac's Opinion

Changing how tiles behave when you land on them is pretty important since it's a feature that all users do all the time when using the app.

I'm not sure how I feel about the different titles quickly expanding as soon as I dwell on them for even a second. I'm not a big fan of dynamic UI changes that happen on pause by default (I'm looking at you, autoplaying trailers). But I'm curious to see if Netflix's implementation could be more useful and less annoying.

Moving the main menu in the Netflix app from the sidebar to the top of the screen is more of a positive to me. The design is very similar to Apple's own TV app, with a set of menu options very similar to Apple's app. I'm all for consistency in streaming apps, at least if they do their job well.

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