PSA: X Audio and Video Calls Probably Don't Use Strong Encryption

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X audio and video calling began rolling out last year. This is a feature that no one asked for and few people seem to need. We previously shared how to disable this feature, and now it looks like there's another reason to do so – …

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We first learned about plans for this feature back in May last year, and implementation began in October.

With the new feature, users can make and receive audio and video calls using the X app. The feature is built into Direct Messaging and works similarly to other calling-enabled apps like WhatsApp and Instagram. Thanks to integration with the iOS CallKit API, you'll see incoming calls on your lock screen just like a regular call.

We noted at the time that it seems like few people will want to see any Twitter user. they follow to be able to call them and explained how to disable this feature in the iOS app:

  1. Open the X app
  2. Click on your profile picture at the top
  3. Click “Settings & Privacy.
  4. Select the “Privacy & Security” menu.
  5. Click “Direct Messages.”
  6. Change audio and video calls. as you wish

Calls apparently not used&# 8217;do not use end-to-end encryption

TechCrunch found another reason to disable this feature: it does not appear to use end-to-end encryption.

X doesn't mention encryption at all on the official help center page, so the calls are likely not end-to-end encrypted, potentially allowing Twitter to eavesdrop on conversations. End-to-end encrypted apps, Signal or WhatsApp – prevent anyone other than the caller and recipient from listening to the conversation, including WhatsApp and Signal.

We asked in email X if encryption was end-to-end encrypted. The only response we received was, “Busy now, check back later,” X's default automatic response to media inquiries. We also emailed X's Joe Benarroch but did not receive a response.

Image: MacPaw

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