PSA: If you purchased Vision Pro at launch, your return period ends on Friday

Julie Clover

All Apple products have a 14-day return policy, including the $3,500 Vision Pro. For those who purchased Vision Pro online or in a retail store on launch day, February 2nd, the two-week return period will end on Friday, February 16th.

Since the Vision Pro is positioned as Apple's first dedicated AR/VR device and the first new product category Apple has entered since 2015, many people may have bought the headset to try it out with no intention of keeping it. Many shoppers on social media have also reported returns this week due to eye strain, the convenience of the device, bulky size, lack of apps and features, or inability to find an everyday use option for it. .

If you bought Vision Pro and didn't find it worth the price, Apple will take it back. The same goes for accessories like the $200 Vision Pro travel case.


According to reports from those who have returned the device, it's an easy process at the Apple retail store. In some cases, Apple employees ask a series of questions about the reason for the return, but Apple will not refuse the return within 14 days.

Returned products must be in their original condition along with the original. parts, accessories and packaging. Returns can be made at the Apple Store or initiated online through Apple support channels.

Custom ZEISS lens inserts purchased with Apple Vision Pro cannot be returned to the ‌Apple Store‌. Apple will accept returns on behalf of ZEISS, but these returns must be initiated through the Order List page. Readers that do not have a specific prescription can be returned to a retail location.

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