Proton Encrypted Mail desktop app now available for Mac

Tim Hardwick

Swiss privacy startup Proton today announced the release of its end-to-end encrypted desktop email app for macOS and Windows, as well as a beta version for Linux.

According to the company, Proton Mail's desktop app is optimized for integration with Mac computers, meaning it can sync themes with desktop lighting. or dark mode, display notifications natively and offer instant switching between mail and calendar.

The new Proton Mail desktop app inherits the decade of security improvements we've built for our web app. . This means Proton Mail for Windows and macOS supports our commitment to security and privacy with several key features: zero-access and end-to-end encryption, protection against trackers and phishing attempts, and our high-security account protection program Proton Sentinel . .

Proton says the ability to use a separate app in the browser to access email and calendar also offers additional security benefits, such as protecting email or events from rogue browser extensions and allowing automatic updates without relying on the browser.

The app also includes an Easy Switch tool that allows users to import messages from Outlook or Gmail, forward new messages from Gmail, and more.

Besides these additions, the desktop application should be familiar to Proton users. “Anyone who has used our web app before will immediately feel at home,” says the company.

Paid Proton account holders can download the Proton Mail app from the Proton website, and the company offers 14- day trial for anyone on Proton's free plan.

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