Presto, a new system for over-the-air iPhone software updates, will be available in Apple Stores next month.

Apple is set to roll out big changes to its US retail stores: “Presto inside Apple .” The system will allow Apple Store employees to update iPhone software wirelessly while the phone is still in the box, using a tablet-like device. Here's how it works.

In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reports that this new system will begin widespread adoption at Apple. Available in US stores in April and will be available in all US stores by “early summer”. This process is being tested in select Apple Stores starting in late 2023.

Gourmet first reported on this system last October, and 9to5Mac subsequently found evidence of the feature in iOS 17.2. The technology is based on “a tablet-like device that can be used to display iPhone boxes in stores.” The system is capable of turning on iPhones, updating their software, and then turning them off again while the phones remain in their boxes.

In today's episode of Power On, Gurman writes:

The system is a bit like a metal shoebox. It can use MagSafe and other wireless technologies to instantly turn on your iPhone. breaking open the packaging. It downloads and installs new software, then turns off the phone.

This change will mean that people who buy new iPhones from Apple Stores likely won't have to do so immediately. update your device by taking it out of the box. Instead, the Apple Store will be able to update devices as new versions of iOS are released.

Currently, iPhones ship from the factory with whatever build of iOS is available at that time. This means that millions of iPhones come with versions of iOS that already have multiple updates installed by the time the phone arrives.

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