Popular VR game Job Simulator coming soon to Apple Vision Pro

Job Simulator is a popular virtual reality game in which players can complete tasks as if they were doing a real job. The game is currently available for platforms such as Meta Quest and PlayStation VR, and soon Apple Vision Pro users will also be able to enjoy the game.

Job simulator coming to Apple Vision Pro

As UploadVR notes, the Unity website has confirmed that that Job Simulator, as well as Vacation Simulator (from the same developers) will be available for Apple Vision Pro.

This is because Unity is hosting a roundtable for developers interested in porting their games to VisionOS, and in the description event highlighted how Owlchemy Studios, the team behind both games, is using Unity to port its games to Vision Pro.

“Join us for a roundtable on February 27, 2024 at 11:30 a.m. ET/8:30 a.m. PT to learn how cross-industry experts used Unity's VisionOS support to create games, apps, and spatial experiences for Apple Vision Pro. […] Hear how Owlchemy Studios brought its popular games Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator into the fully immersive (VR) space” says the event description.

According to Apple, there are already more than 1,000 applications developed specifically for Vision Pro. However, when it comes to VR gaming, there are only a few games available for the new headset, such as Super Fruit Ninja. Apple Vision Pro can run iPad games, but the experience with some of them isn't very good, and they also don't feel immersive when running in a 2D window.

Having more popular VR games available on the VisionOS App Store will certainly help Apple increase interest in the Vision Pro as a gaming console.

visionOS and Unity-based games

Although Apple has its own RealityKit API, the VisionOS SDK also supports Unity platforms, which are a common engine for creating 3D games. When Vision Pro was announced in June, Apple emphasized that developers could easily port existing projects built in Unity to VisionOS. Unity and Apple are working together to create and improve these tools.

Last month, Unity officially introduced new PolySpatial technology to Unity Pro, Enterprise, and Industry subscribers to enable developers to create cross-platform XR. (extended reality).

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