Popular media player VLC confirms Apple Vision Pro app is in development

Apple Vision Pro still lacks many apps that iOS and macOS users are already familiar with, and some major developers are already they did it. stated that they are not interested in porting their applications to Vision Pro at this time. However, one application that will come to VisionOS is the popular media player VLC – at least according to VideoLAN President Jean-Baptiste Kempff.

VLC is coming to Apple Vision Pro

In an interview with Lowpass about VLC's five billion downloads, Kempf confirmed that VideoLAN (the non-profit organization behind the app) is working on a VLC version for Apple Vision Pro. “We already have a version of VLC running on Vision Pro,” he said. – said the developer.

Unfortunately, it may take some time before the app becomes available on the App Store, as Kempf himself admits there is no motivation to actively develop the VisionOS app due to the small size of the user base. “I’m not sure there’s any use case,” he says. Kempf noted, claiming that the number of people who own Vision Pro is indeed small.

Interestingly, VideoLAN's president also confirmed that he is open to working on a VLC app for Meta's. Quest headsets. However, these plans were shelved as there were already “many good players”; is available for this platform.

For those unfamiliar, VLC is a free, open-source media player available for several platforms, including iOS, macOS, and even tvOS. VLC supports many of the most popular audio and video codecs and is commonly used to play media files that players such as Apple's QuickTime cannot play.

VideoLAN is working on VLC 4.0, which will be a major update that will rewrite “all core”; applications. You can find links to download VLC on the official website of the application.

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