Poll: The iconic wedge-heeled MacBook Air is no more – will you miss it?

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Yesterday's release of the M3 MacBook Air meant the end of the M1 MacBook Air, and with it the latest model to retain the iconic wedge shape…

The wedge-shaped shape of the original MacBook Air was first shown to the public in Steve Jobs' famous envelope reveal (below) and immediately became popular. a recognizable feature right up to the M1.

The tapered design not only made the computer look thinner than it actually was (because our eyes were on the thin end of that wedge), but it also gave the MacBook Air a really cute look , which many of us immediately liked.

This design approach was later copied by laptop brands, but none managed to look like the real thing.

The Verge's Victoria Song said the design was lost in Apple's lineup. saddened her.

Now the end of the wedge era has truly come, and I can’t help but feel left out […]

I still I still get that same vague feeling when I unzip my backpack and see this wedge waiting in my laptop case.

However, these are more than vague design preferences. To me, the wedge represented a clear and distinct Air identity.

I have to admit, I feel the same way. I still have an old MacBook Air collecting dust in my desk drawer, and I justify it by saying that I can't do my job without a Mac, and if anything happens to my MacBook Pro, the Air will support me until it won't disappear. was repaired or replaced.

Indeed, this is exactly what happened back in 2015, and it gave me a new appreciation for this car.

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Last summer I bought a 15-inch MacBook Air M2.

This is fantastic the computer makes me forget about every computer I've ever owned before.

The industrial design is the best I've ever seen in a laptop. It doesn't need a wedge shape to hide the thickest part because it's surprisingly thin and durable throughout!

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The M2 MacBook Air ditched the wedge in favor of a more MacBook-like design. Similar to the Pro, but at least the M1 model was still in the lineup.

Yesterday, however, everything changed. The M1 MacBook Air is gone, leaving the 13-inch M2 model and the 13- and 15-inch M3 models. Klin is no more.

Do you miss him too? Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.

Photo: Chris Mendoza | Background: Alexander Gray on Unsplash

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