Play more Windows games on Mac with the new CrossOver 24

Games for Windows running on Apple Silicon

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Newly updated CrossOver 24 fixes Windows games from “Anno” 1800″ on “Planet Zoo”, which didn't work on Mac before.

CrossOver is a Windows compatibility layer for macOS and Linux that allows Mac users to run both apps and games to improve productivity. This newest version includes general fixes for CrossOver usage, but is focused on gaming.

“For our Mac users, CrossOver 24 includes fixes for many games,” the company said in a statement. “Planet Zoo now launches again after the latest game update, Warframe's offline launcher now works, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth no longer crashes, Mafia: Definitive Edition now launches, Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition multiplayer works again, and Horizon Zero Dawn and Anno 1800 now work well out of the box.”

“We continue to make improvements to make CrossOver as user-friendly as possible,” he continues. “To that end, CrossOver 24 includes several highly requested user interface updates.”

“You can now drag and drop executable files into CrossOver to run or install them,” say the developers. “We've also added the ability to change the directory where your bottles are stored, which is especially useful for users who want to store large Windows applications on an external drive.”

CrossOver 24 requires macOS 10.13 on Apple Silicon and comes directly from the developer. Previously priced at $74, it's now on sale for just $24.

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