Personas Vision Pro and improving vision with VisionOS 1.1

by Julie Clover

Apple will soon release the first major software update for Vision Pro, and the new version of VisionOS will bring improvements not only to Personas, but also to the EyeSight feature.

Personas and EyeSight are additions to the Vision Pro that many people have made fun of since the headset's release. Personas are a digital representation of a user that is displayed during video calls, and EyeSight uses an external display to show the Vision Pro user's eyes if there are other people in the room. Personas and EyeSight are intended to make Vision Pro a less isolating experience, but neither has been particularly well received.

As we said earlier, the VisionOS 1.1 beta makes Personas more realistic and Apple's release notes. included with ‌visionOS‌ The 1.1 release candidate offers more information. Certain improvements have been made to the appearance of hair and makeup, as well as to the image of the neck and mouth, and these changes make a big difference.

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The update also apparently improves eye imaging for EyeSight, something not previously seen during the beta period. EyeSight uses the Persona feature to capture a person's eyes and display it on an external display. EyeSight supposedly looks a little better now on the Vision Pro headset, but the fact that it's gone under the radar suggests Apple still has some work to do.

Other new features in the update include improvements to the virtual keyboard. and Mac Virtual Display.

‌visionOS‌ Version 1.1 will be officially released this week.

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