Peloton ends support for Apple Watch GymKit

by Tim Hardwick

Peloton is ending support for Apple's GymKit in favor of Peloton One-Tap tracking, the fitness equipment company told users in an email Monday.

This change will likely irritate existing Bike+ owners who originally purchased the $2,495 exercise bike under the assumption that the GymKit was an exclusive benefit. Although GymKit has become less important since Peloton introduced Apple Watch integration with all of its fitness equipment in 2022, GymKit has offered additional integration with Apple Health that is not available in the Peloton solution.

The Peloton app does a lot of the work part of the tasks. things GymKit offers, including tracking metrics like distance, pace, and heart rate and displaying them in real time on Peloton screens. However, due to the lack of support for GymKit, only a portion of this data will now sync with Apple Health.

Apple introduced GymKit as part of watchOS 4.1, released back in October 2017.

Update. As forum member Eradik and other Reddit users noted, the Peloton app only syncs basic data with Apple Health. Data such as cadence, average speed and power are not synced, meaning the loss of GymKit support could have a significant impact on some users.

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