New Apple AirTag Deals Drop Prices at Amazon and Best Buy to $24

AirTag prices drop to $24.

Amazon and Best Buy embroiled in Valentine's Day pricing a war that dropped the price of AirTags to $24.

Whether you're about to hit the road for spring break or tired of losing your keys, Apple's AirTag solution can help protect you from losing your luggage, keys, office bags, sports equipment, and more. Using your iPhone or iPad, you can quickly find out where your items are and if they've been stolen thanks to a coin-sized accessory.

Buy from $24.00.

And with new price cuts at both Amazon and Best Buy, buying a single AirTag or a 4-pack won't break the bank. During the latest price war, buy a single AirTag for $24 or choose a set of 4 for $78.99 at multiple retailers, as shown in our AirTag price guide.

Both deals include the lowest prices in 2024, with the unit priced at less than $1.50 of the lowest price on record.

There are also many discounts on holders and key fobs for AirTags. We've highlighted a few below:

  • Apple AirTag Leather Strap in Brown: $30.27 (22% off)
  • Spek Tagimals Cute Cartoon Holder for Apple AirTag (Pack of 4): $29.99 (14% off).
  • Belkin Secure Holder with Cable (White): $16.99 ($3 off).
  • Elevation Lab TagVault Surface AirTag Adhesive Mount: $24.95 with $5 purchase. coupon page

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