Netflix members with old subscriptions may be disconnected if they don't upgrade

Update (Feb. 27, 5:53 p.m. ET): Netflix says it's The change affects Basic Plan subscribers in some countries, including the United States and Canada.

Netflix is ​​permanently severing ties with the Apple App Store billing system. Netflix stopped allowing new and rejoining subscribers to sign up for App Store billing back in 2018, but Netflix subscribers who were paying through Apple at the time were allowed to continue to do so. Now that's finally changing.

As The Streamable reports, Netflix has started notifying people who currently pay for a subscription through Apple that that they need to update their payment method to continue accessing the service.

The Netflix support website has also been updated to confirm this change: “Some members with Apple accounts in some countries may be prompted to add a new payment method to continue your subscription.”

Netflix does not directly indicate which countries this change applies to, but the change has been made to the US support website.

With this change, Netflix will In essence, we are abandoning the App Store billing system once and for all. The company will no longer pay Apple a percentage of revenue for any of its subscribers. It's unclear how many people are still paying for a subscription through the App Store, but I'm guessing it's a fairly small number. After all, this option was removed for new and rejoining subscribers over five years ago.

Are you still paying for your Netflix subscription through the App Store? Have you been notified of this change? Let us know in the comments.

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