Netflix ends subscriptions for legacy in-app payment users


It was once possible to subscribe to Netflix directly from the iPhone app, but anyone still stuck with that plan is missing out access and must register directly on the Netflix website.

In 2018, Netflix stopped the ability to subscribe from its iOS app. The move was made to avoid Apple's 30% in-app subscription fee, which drops to 15% once the subscriber pays for the year.

According to a report from The Verge, Netflix has finally stopped supporting legacy accounts that were still using the in-app subscription payment option. New users haven't been able to use this method since it was removed in 2018, but anyone who hadn't changed their subscription or stopped it since then was still paying with their Apple payment method.

Subscribers are reporting that they suddenly lost access to their Netflix account. Netflix launched and asked for payment information without explanation.

The company may have warned affected users via email, which is what happened to some users, but such messages often go unnoticed. The only options that users who lose their subscription on the app have are to either subscribe through the Netflix website or cancel the service altogether.

Those who kept the old payment method could continue to pay the old price of $9.99 per view without advertising. These users must now pay $6.99 for content with ads, $15.49 for HD content without ads, or $22.99 for the 4K tier.

In recent years, Netflix has been aggressive in its business. It has rules restricting password sharing, has raised prices many times over, and costs more than services that offer 4K content.

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