Meta is “optimistic” about the Vision Pro as it hopes to become the “Android” of the AR/VR world.

Meta is reported to be counting on the launch of Apple Vision Pro, which will help develop its own VR headset business. A new report from The Wall Street Journal that quotes “people you know”; on this occasion, Meta says it hopes Vision Pro will “reinvigorate its work on the $50 billion metaverse that has yet to be widely adopted by consumers.”

The report explains that Meta executives, including Mark Zuckerberg, are “optimistic.” about the launch of Vision Pro. They believe Apple's entry into the headsets category will “validate” its existing business and “attract more consumers.”

“Meta employees see Quest and its software ecosystem becoming a leading alternative to Apple in this area, filling the role of Google's Android in smartphones,” the company said. explained in the report. “The battle that Meta executives and industry insiders envision centers on software vendors, who will play a huge role in developing applications that will attract more users.”

Furthermore, even though Vision Pro not yet launched, the product was already “influencing Meta’s thinking.” The company is reportedly more focused on mixed reality than it initially was.

“Meta is increasingly focusing on mixed reality, which allows users to see virtual images overlaid on their real-life surroundings” history speaks. “Meta used to talk more about the metaverse, an amorphous concept that represents people working and playing in virtual reality.”

Apple executives have criticized the so-called &#8220 ;metaverse” in past. Greg Joswiak, for example, said that the “metaverse”; that's a word he'll never use. Meanwhile, Tim Cook wondered whether “the average person can tell you what the metaverse is.”

9to5Mac's Take

I'm really excited to see how well this strategy works for Meta. If history is any indication, you should never bet on Apple invading your product category; it will help your business, not hurt it.

It's also worth noting that Apple Vision Pro This is just the beginning of Apple's plans in this area. The company is already working on cheaper versions of the Vision Pro and is working towards its ultimate goal of creating some kind of augmented reality glasses.

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