Meta Confirms Spatial Video Playback Coming to Quest One Day Before Vision Pro Launch

A long time ago (last Friday) we reported that Meta seemed to be planning to officially support spatial video shot on the iPhone no workarounds. Now, on the eve of Apple Vision Pro hitting stores, Meta is making it a reality. Quest headsets will indeed receive spatial support for Apple's spatial video format.

Meta posted this news in the changelog of its latest Quest software update:

Spatial Video Gallery

If you have an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max, you can now download spatial videos to your Quest headset using the Meta mobile app Quest. Sample spatial videos are available for viewing on the Quest headset under Spatial Videos  Files application.

  • Spatial video duration is limited to 20 minutes.

And while this news is confirmed a day before customers receive Apple Vision Pro, Meta reports that the update won't start rolling out for another week. .

“These features and improvements will gradually become available starting February 7, 2024 and will be carried over to the Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 headsets” – the company says.

Spatial video capture is supported on iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max and Apple Vision Pro. However, playback on an Apple device is limited to Apple Vision Pro hardware.

Last year, Meta pre-empted Apple's Vision Pro announcement by previewing the Meta Quest 3 ahead of its fall launch.

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