MagSafe Monday: MagSafe ESR Car Mount for Qi2 15W Provides Fast Charging on the Go

Oddly enough, wireless charging is one of my top uses for MagSafe. Some of my first MagSafe accessories were wireless chargers in my car. I don't have a long commute every day, so I get in and out of the car often. I was glad to no longer have to plug in the charger every time I got in the car. I've tried different car chargers over the years with varying degrees of success, but I think I've found the perfect one – the MagSafe Qi2 15W ESR Car Charger.

MagSafe Monday: Every Monday, Bradley Chambers takes a look at the latest and greatest in MagSafe and the wireless charging industry to help you get the most out of your Apple. devices that support wireless charging.

I have been a fan of the entire ESR line of products for several years now. They continue to produce great Apple accessories at extremely low prices. You may not have heard of this brand before, but trust me, it is one of the good ones. With the new MagSafe compatible car charger, you get a slimmer design than the previous car charger while still getting 15W charging. Compared to the previous model, the new model is significantly thinner, so depending on your vehicle configuration (I'm using the vent mount), it will sit flush with your dash.

Fast charging 15W in ESR for Qi2 car charger

One of the biggest improvements to this new model is the addition of a 15-watt fast charger for the iPhone. If you have a compatible iPhone, ESR estimates you'll be able to fully charge it in about 2 hours and 37 minutes (USB-C required). If you have the ability to charge your iPhone at 15W speeds in your car, the 15W Qi2 MagSafe Car Charger ESR is worth it.

MagSafe reliability

I have never had a situation where my iPhone dropped with ESR for the Qi2 MagSafe 15W Car Charger because it includes extremely strong magnets. Most of the questions I get about MagSafe in a car are about the stability of the device during sharp turns, etc. e. The 15W MagSafe Qi2 Car Charger ESR delivers 1600gs of current to keep your iPhone connected and safe– even when using MagSafe charging through a MagSafe-compatible iPhone case.

Installation process

ESR for The Qi2 15W MagSafe Car Charger comes with two installation options. You can choose an vent mount installation or a dashboard installation. Both will work fine, but I chose the vent mount. One of the reasons I prefer it is that it allows the air conditioner to keep the unit cool during the hot summer months.

All I had to do to install was hand tighten the vent mount on the back of the unit and slide it into my car's vent. One of the things I like about this design is that it has a stabilizer at the bottom. Depending on your vehicle, the vent may not be strong enough to hold your iPhone. You can attach the bottom stabilizer to the bottom of the vent. You will then connect the included USB-C cord to your car.


I'm sure that We'll see a few more 15W Qi2 chargers from different manufacturers in the coming months, but the ESR has completely knocked them out of the park. If you want to use MagSafe in your car, check out the ESR for the Qi2 MagSafe 15W Car Charger. You can buy it on Amazon or directly from ESR.

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