MacPaw's New CleanMyPhone App Will Declutter and Organize Your iPhone

Today MacPaw introduced a new application for iPhone and iPad called CleanMyPhone. Powered by artificial intelligence, the app is a cutting-edge solution for decluttering iOS and iPadOS devices.

The app focuses on the Declutter, Organize, and Network features. The purpose of the app is to provide the ability to thoroughly declutter your digital clutter and make room for new memories on your iPhone and iPad.

CleanMyPhone allows users to quickly remove all unwanted images, efficiently sort and polish photo libraries, and easily check connection speed for optimal browsing experience. Combining artificial intelligence and MacPaw's years of industry experience, CleanMyPhone provides a comprehensive and effective cleaning solution for iPhone and iPad users.

Rostislav Bogdanov, CleanMyPhone Product Manager at MacPaw, says:

“CleanMyPhone goes beyond cleaning; We created it to improve the way you manage and organize data on your iOS and iPadOS devices. Built on the legacy of Gemini Photos, it is an advanced tool powered by our proprietary AI algorithm to help you efficiently clean and organize your digital space, with the goal of becoming the all-in-one iOS/iPadOS grooming app of the future. ;

MacPaw's CleanMyPhone includes many powerful and advanced features:

  • Clutter Cleaner: CleanMyPhone scans your entire Camera Roll folder » for duplicates, blurry images, screen recordings, TikTok videos and other unnecessary elements, thereby allowing users to make room for new memories.
  • Organize: Using artificial intelligence, CleanMy®Phone analyzes your photo collection in detail, grouping them into folders based on common visual themes or subjects. — Travel, Pets, Food, Portraits and Text. This smart organization allows users to easily find specific images, highlighting the best copies among similar images.
  • Network: In addition to photo management capabilities, CleanMy®Phone offers testing network speed. Users can now run a network speed test directly from within the app itself. This feature ensures you're always aware of the performance of your Internet connection.

You can download CleanMyPhone today from the App Store for iPhone and iPad with a free three-day trial.

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