macOS Sonoma 14.4 update breaks printers for some users

Latest macOS Sonoma update breaks printers

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Sonoma 14.4 update causes more problems, this time with printers being removed or damaged drivers required for printing and a comprehensive solution to this problem do not yet exist.

We recently learned of an issue that caused some USB hubs built into monitors to stop working when updating macOS to Sonoma 14.4. Now it looks like macOS Sonoma 14.4 is breaking printers too.

Reports have started coming in on Reddit and Apple community forums where users are noticing that after updating their Macs, they can no longer print.

According to a post on Reddit, it appears that macOS Sonoma 14.4 has removed the core CUPS software, leaving no way for the printer and Mac to communicate.

Reddit user nicover84 reports that according to some JAMF discussion groups, the problem may be caused by Microsoft Defender. Some users say that giving full access to the drive in the Privacy & Setting security locally or using a JAMF configuration profile resolves the issue.

Initial reports appear to be aimed at HP printer users. The similarities between the reports are not clear — Microsoft Defender is not the only reason, nor is the use of JAMF mobile device management software.

At this time, if you print regularly from your Mac, it might be wise to wait for an update if you haven't already. The update in question was released on March 7.

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