MacBook Pro with OLED display rumored to hit shelves later than expected

MacBook Pro with OLED display delayed until 2027 Rumour assessment   🤔 Perhaps

A new supply chain report claims Apple's plans to release an OLED MacBook Pro will be delayed. partly because the manufacturer is concentrating on PCs.

OLED screens offer a higher contrast ratio, and because they don't require a backlight, they are thinner and use less power than modern displays. It was previously reported that Apple will release a MacBook Pro with an OLED screen in 2024. With Samsung Display being the exclusive supplier, the report has pushed the release to 2025.

Now a new report from The Elec Translated, the publication reports that the displays will use Samsung's eighth-generation OLED technology, but it will not be exclusive to Apple.

Instead, the company says its sources say Samsung will produce eighth-generation OLED panels for clients such as Dell and HP. There is no information about when these companies may release devices with such screens.

The Elec also reports that Samsung intends to primarily supply PCs to these firms. This may be due to Samsung's concerns about declining Mac sales, as reported in May 2023.

According to the publication, the opening of the Samsung plant is expected by the second half of 2024. “From 2026” Samsung Display President Choi Joo Sung said, “We will produce 10 million IT-OLEDs here per year.”

The Elec has a good reputation for the quality of its sources. However, he has a significantly worse reputation for determining what this information might lead to.

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