MacBook Air M3, TikTok and a pearl gift from Apple – in the AppleInsider podcast

New MacBook Air M3 and iPhone

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In this week's episode of the AppleInsider podcast, the MacBook Air M3 is now in the hands of buyers, and we looked into it, the fate of TikTok in the US is being discussed in the corridors of power, and Apple has launched a kind of bonus in the form of a gift card.

It's been both a strange and normal week for Apple News, as Epic Games shows no sign of stopping and the EU is just getting started. But now the people who were against TikTok are now for it, there's this leftist gem offer, and it looks like Apple has dropped two suppliers, leaving them millions out of pocket.

But in the midst of all this, a new study shows that a surprising number of people who buy a Mac are switching from a PC and Chromebooks. Perhaps even more surprising is that even buyers of more expensive Android devices are switching to the iPhone.

There's also an M3 MacBook Air that's now in people's hands — and some of these people tested it under test conditions. For some people, it remains as great a purchase as it initially seemed, but now we can see that the difference between it and the MacBook Pro is still significant.

Additionally, it is again reported that Apple is using AI much more often than people think. This time it's about ad targeting, and perhaps only a carefully tuned AI marketing tool can explain why you can get 500 Clash of Clans Gems for purchasing certain Apple gift cards.

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  • MacBook Air M3 review: Perfect Mac laptop for Intel supporters.
  • Apple is not only concerned with healthcare, but also with a lot of future Apple Watch sensors.
  • Apple refutes criticism of its zero-carbon plans, showcasing its efforts for Rainforest Conservation
  • Half of recent Mac buyers switched from competing platforms.
  • Most subscription apps can't earn more than $1,000 per month.
  • Get free Clash of Clans gems with purchase. Apple gift card at select retailers.
  • Apple caves, EU developers will be able to sell apps directly from their websites.
  • Epic wants Apple held in contempt for failure to comply requirements to remove anti-steering measures
  • What is Roblox
  • Another Apple supplier has suffered due to the cancellation of a large-scale project to supply micro-LEDs
  • The head of the EU competition authority notes that Apple Music's $2 billion fine ignores Spotify's dominance.
  • The wrong people are making the decision to potentially ban TikTok.
  • Former Oculus exec: Apple Vision Pro is a product of the virtual reality industry new Northstar
  • Apple Vision Pro keyboard language code may hint at imminent global launch
  • Denver to pay $3.76 million to grandma over 'Find My' error
  • Apple leaves Oscars ceremony empty-handed
  • M3 MacBook Air is easy to disassemble, but connection parts is still an issue.
  • Neil Young tries to justify his return to Spotify by saying Apple Music is now just as bad.
  • Bitcoin app accused of stealing $120,000 due to another failure in the App Store [u]

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