M3 iMac is in a refurbished Apple store, but there's a better deal

Apple#039;s M3 iMac

The 2023 iMac M3 can now be purchased at a discount in the updated Apple store , but you can find better deals. Here's your best option.

Approximately four months after launch, some stock of the iMac M3 appeared in the refurbished Apple store at a discount. This is a typical delay for a new model, and while prices vary depending on configuration, the discount is about $200.

The Apple Refurbishment Store consists of devices that were purchased at retail and then returned for some reason. It's possible they were returned due to a problem, but in this case, Apple fixed all the issues.

Most often, returns occur because the product has been tested and is simply not needed. Or used for a YouTube video and returned immediately afterwards.

In any case, the items sold in the Apple repair store are essentially in the same condition as new, except that they come in a plain white box and are sold at a slight discount. There is also the issue that it is a first come, first serve basis and there is no way to change the specifications of the iMac sold there.

This is partly why it is better to buy a new iMac M3 from a third-party store rather than from a refurbished Apple store. However, the main reason to do this is that you will usually get a better deal, and sometimes a significantly better one.

In this case, third-party resellers currently receive the $200 Apple rebate, but also save on the extended AppleCare warranty.

Save up to $200 on new iMac M3 models

AppleInsider readers can save triple figures on a new iMac M3 at Apple resellers. For deals, many of which are exclusive, check out our 24-inch iMac Price Guide, which we update frequently.

Here you can make purchases using coupons — with discounts that also apply to AppleCare. At the time of publication, promo code APINSIDER at Adorama offers up to $200 off all-in-one desktops and $30 off AppleCare.

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