LiveSurface provides design visualization in Vision Pro

LiveSurface, the popular design visualization app, is now available on Vision Pro with VisionOS fully built-in.

“LiveSurface for Apple Vision Pro takes design visualization and presentation to the next level, offering a fun and immersive design experience on Apple's most exciting new platform” says the company.

The LiveSurface app for Vision Pro is designed to allow you to “instantly view images, illustrations, and videos applied to scenes and objects in real time.” time and space.” Here are some examples:

Display artwork on a billboard in New York, London or Los Angeles in impressive real-life scale. Place your design on a bottle, book or bag and look at it in front of you to see the realistic final printed design.

With intuitive image editing, rotating objects and true-to-life scale, any space becomes a creative studio for visualizing ideas can become a creative game.

A huge library of specially selected objects and scenes, as well as focused play. The built-in LiveSurface-based rendering engine in VisionOS allows creatives to view visual concepts in the real world faster and more realistically than ever before.

Using a simple drag-and-drop image creation app, creatives can use LiveSurface as a parallel app to their favorite design, drawing or photography applications, allowing them to instantly view images, illustrations and videos realistically applied to scenes and objects in real time and space. 

included materials such as plastic, metallic, fluorescent materials, embossing and paper provide creative people with the ability to intuitively explore printing effects and techniques.

This is definitely one of the most interesting Vision Pro use cases I've seen. The video below does a great job of showing the app in action.

You can learn more about LiveSurface on the company's website and download the “LiveSurface Vision” from the App Store today.

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