Leaked design resource hints at iOS 18 redesign inspired by VisionOS

Image credit: MacRumors

Rumour assessment   🤔 Possibly

A purported iOS 18 design resource surfaced on Tuesday, showcasing a new, glassy design that could take a page from VisionOS's book.

The changes are subtle and not easy to spot, but if you squint, you'll notice glass buttons with reflective edges. This is similar to what the user interface looks like when using Apple Vision Pro.

MacRumors obtained the image from an anonymous source who supposedly got it from an iOS engineer, but it should be noted that they cannot confirm its authenticity. The image is expected to be included in Apple Design assets for iOS 18.

If the image is real, it would mean that iOS 18 will borrow design elements from VisionOS. This isn't the first time we've heard this speculation, as rumors in early February essentially said the same thing.

Other sources also suggest that Apple's next major iOS update will feature a major redesign. Bloomberg's previous opinion was that while iOS 18 may borrow some design elements from VisionOS, it won't fully mirror the design.

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