Kandji Unveils New Reporting, Compliance and Incident Investigation Tool for Apple Fleets

Ensuring the right data is correctly represented is a common challenge for businesses and can directly impact the risk of cybersecurity incidents. Organizations report 3.3 times more incidents caused by a lack of control over their IT assets. Nearly half of IT professionals agree that increasing visibility across the entire Apple device fleet will improve management of Apple devices. Kandji today introduces Prism, a new reporting feature that generates data for compliance preparedness, incident investigation, and overall device management.

Prism automatically collects massive amounts of data from an organization's Apple devices, using APIs to query that data in the aggregate. The result is a centralized interface that makes it easy to analyze your data.

With Prism, Kanji increases efficiency and takes Apple device management to the next level, freeing up IT administrators away from having to check individual devices and instead allowing them to view such detailed data for the entire fleet of devices,” said Weldon Dodd, senior vice president, Kanji Community. “Prism's simplified reporting allows IT administrators to gain critical information in just a few clicks, allowing them to keep their fleets and employees running safely and productively.”

What is Kanji Prism?

Prism provides IT administrators with a powerful set of features designed to optimize Device management and security:

  • Automatic data collection: Prism regularly collects data from every Apple device in your organization. fleet, offering complete visibility without the need for manual checks.
  • Centralized Interface: The tool provides a single platform for viewing data, making it easy for administrators to get information about device status, installed applications, FileVault status, settings security and much more.
  • Saved views. In response to customer feedback, Prism introduces saved views, allowing administrators to save and easily repeat report settings. improving the efficiency of future reports.
  • Prism API. For even greater flexibility, the Prism API simplifies programmatic data queries, allowing integration with external tools and services, from spreadsheets to data warehouses.

Let's summarize the Kanji prism

Prism strives to Provide Quickly generate reports on important categories for every device your IT team manages. Do you need reports on compliance, policy compliance, incident investigation or troubleshooting? Prism strives to provide it in just a few clicks.

Click here to learn more about Kanji Prism.

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