Jon Stewart Confirms Apple Show Cancellation: 'They Didn't Want Me to Say Things That Could Get Me in Trouble'

Julie Clover

Honorable talk show host Jon Stewart today confirmed that Apple has canceled his Apple TV+ series The Trouble with Jon Stewart due to content issues. Speaking to CBS Mornings (via Variety), Stewart said Apple didn't want him to “say things” that could get him in trouble.

I needed a place to clear my mind ahead of election season. I thought I'd do it on… they call it Apple TV+. This is a television enclave, very small. It's like living in Malibu. But they decided… they felt they didn't want me to say things that would get me in trouble.

Stewart's TV show was canceled last October before the launch of the third one. There were rumors at the time that he had “creative differences” with Apple executives. A report by The New York Times claimed that controversy arose over some of the scheduled guests, the show's China-related themes and topics related to artificial intelligence.

Stewart did not provide details about the specific things he and Apple was discussed. there was a conflict, but now he has confirmed the rumors about the reason why his ‌Apple TV+‌ the series was cancelled. Such a high-profile cancellation could impact Apple's ability to secure similar hosts for future projects, as there could be concerns about Apple's level of control. Stewart's show explored the “issues” of current events, and the episodes featured everything from news of national conversation to issues that were part of Stewart's advocacy work.

Apple canceled “The Problem with Jon Stewart” ahead of the 2024 election. . Stewart has decided to return to The Daily Show, where he will appear every Monday night during the election cycle. His first show back will air tonight.

Stewart hosted “The Daily Show” for more than 15 years before stepping down eight years ago to hand the reins over to Trevor Noah. Noah retired last year, so the show is looking for a new host.

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