iPhone SE 4 Rumored to Be the First iPhone with Face ID Under $500

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A new leak claims Apple may increase the price of the upcoming iPhone SE 4, but is working to keep its price under $499.

When the iPhone SE 4 finally hits the market, it will be turned on, turned off and turned on again – — perhaps in early 2025 — there's no doubt that it will be a cheaper model than the rest of the lineup. But a new leak claims that while Apple is working to keep prices down, there could be an increase over the current model.

With a 10% increase, the price of the iPhone SE 4 will rise from the current $429 to around $472. This would mean the iPhone SE would be $327 less than the base iPhone 15, rather than $370 less.

The statement comes from Twitter/X leader @Revegnus1, also known as J. Reeve (“I Dream”). This is the leaker who made the equally sketchy claim that the Apple Vision Pro 2 could cost half the price of the original model.

Perhaps @Revegnus1 is the new name of the previous @Revegnus, which had at least a longer reputation for leaks. But there is no evidence of this or even any statements about where the supposed pricing information came from.

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