iPhone 16's grip button could be mechanical, with pressure- and touch-sensitive surface

There have been many rumors about the iPhone 16 and the existence of a shooting button, but the latest rumors suggest that zoom and focus control could be controlled using a mechanical switch.

The iPhone 16 may have a mechanical grip button
Apple's iPhone 16 should not be announced until September 2024, but that hasn't happened yet, which has stopped the rumor mill. All indications seem to be that the Capture button exists on at least the iPhone 16 Pro models, but what form it might take is up in the air.

According to a report from The Information, two people familiar with the development of the iPhone 16, they claim that the “Capture” button is mechanical with additional functions. It will be touch-sensitive, so users can swipe the screen to adjust the zoom level, and then half-tap will focus the photo.

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