iPhone 16 Pro capture button rumors bolstered by accessory leak

Gap in iPhone 16 Pro Case [Sonny Dixon/X]

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Photo of what could be a case for the iPhone 16 Pro may have revealed the size and location of the new buttons.

Apple's big external change to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max is the inclusion of an action button instead of a switch to mute the sound. If we take the image at face value, he may have additional plans for the next generation of smartphones.

A photo posted by Sonny Dixon via X on Tuesday morning shows the body with a black bumper and a clear back, as well as a square cutout for the camera. Dixon claims it's for the iPhone 16 Pro and that it may include a “new button.”

Photo of the accessory case on the long side, which currently houses the side button used to turn on and wake the iPhone 15 Pro. About two-thirds of the way through there is a cutout designed to provide access to the element located there.

Although Dixon claims it is a button, the case shows it has an element that allows users to press the side button without exposing it to the elements. The size of the cutout could potentially be used for other things, such as a port, smart jack, or some kind of sensor.

If it really is a button, then it should be one that requires a higher level of sensitivity, such as half-press detection. It could also be a button that contains a sensor, just like the iPad Air's power button has Touch ID built in.

Sonny Dixon is a prolific and fairly reliable source of information and has previously received detailed information about the iPhone. and other products improve over the years. However, since accessory makers often plan products well in advance to capitalize on the massive first wave of iPhone purchases, this could easily be a wild guess on the part of the supplier based on existing rumors rather than cutting-edge knowledge.

There have been some rumors about the buttons on the iPhone 16 Pro, the most common of which is the “Capture Button”. This button is similar in concept to the shutter button on a camera. This could be a pressure-sensitive button that can trigger the camera to refocus before shooting, with a full press capturing the image.

The position of the cutout is suitable for this type of activity as the camera bump will face the top left corner of the iPhone when held in this orientation. This will mimic the camera layout on some compact cameras.

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