iOS 18 reportedly won't feature Apple's own ChatGPT chatbot

by Joe Rossignol

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported today that Apple has no plans to debut its own generative AI chatbot in its next major software updates, including iOS 18 for the iPhone. Instead, he reiterated that Apple has held talks with companies like Google, OpenAI and Baidu about potential partnerships in generative AI.

Recent reports have indicated that Apple was considering licensing existing chatbots such as Google's Gemini and OpenAI's ChatGPT, but Apple's offer of its own chatbot on iOS 18 is still clearly was not ruled out.

Gurman still expects artificial intelligence to be the focus at Apple's just-announced WWDC 2024 developer conference. He reiterated that Apple plans to announce new AI features that “help users with their daily lives,” but did not provide any specific details. He previously said that generative AI will improve Siri's ability to answer more complex questions and allow the Messages app to automatically complete sentences. Other apps like Apple Music, Shortcuts, Pages, Numbers and Keynote are also expected to get generative AI features.

Apple has already promised that the company will share generative AI announcements later this year, and the company has hinted on this. today it is again. WWDC 2024 will take place from June 10 to 14, and video sessions will be published on YouTube for the first time.

The first beta version of iOS 18 should be available to developers after the WWDC keynote, with an update available now. it is expected to be released to all users in September.

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