iOS 18 gives iPhone 15 more charge limit levels to protect battery

The new iOS 18 adds more options to severely limit charging

Apple has updated status settings battery in iOS 18 on iPhone 15, giving users more control over charging limits.

As introduced with iOS 17 in 2023, the Charging section of iPhone Settings allows users to enable a battery charge limit. The additional limit was 80%, which meant that to extend the life of the battery, it was never charged beyond that limit.

Now in iOS 18, the same option has a number of additional restrictions. Specifically, users can now set the charge limit to 80%, 85%, 90%, 95% or 100%.

The 100% limit seems pointless, but there's no switch to turn charging limits on/off, so it actually just means the iPhone shouldn't limit charging. However, as AppleInsider noted in iOS 17, the whole concept is close to meaningless — and this is potentially confusing.

That's because the most this feature will do is extend your battery life by a few weeks. Meanwhile, every day the phone's charge will be less than it should be.

Also causing confusion is that this is not the same as setting up your iPhone's battery for optimized charging. This is in the same Charging Settings section and the two settings are related.

Optimized Battery Charging stops charging your iPhone by default when the charge level reaches 80% — but then allows it to continue working up to 100% just in time for the owner to normally wake up and start using it.

In iOS 18, the hard charging limit is set to 100% by default, and when set to a lower limit, optimized battery charging is disabled. It cannot be enabled again until the hard limit is returned to 100%.

The new iOS 18 system has one more option. If the user decides to lower the limit from 100% and then return it to that maximum, they will be asked to confirm their desire.

In addition, the new prompt allows the user to say that they want to limit 100% until tomorrow only. After that, it will return to the limit they had before.

AppleInsider recommends that users ignore this new charge limit setting and instead stick to optimized battery charging only. The benefits in the long term are small and possibly non-existent, and in the short term it increases the likelihood that the user will have to top up the account throughout the day.

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