iOS 17.4 beta adds CarPlay option to display upcoming maneuvers on dashboard

By Julie Clover

The fourth beta version of iOS 17.4 released by Apple today adds a new CarPlay feature, according to notes Apple provided to developers.

In supported ‌CarPlay‌ vehicles, there is now an Apple Maps option that allows you to display information about upcoming maneuvers in the instrument cluster. ‌CarPlay‌ users will be able to switch the display type between the main instrument panel and the dashboard by clicking the map configuration button located in the upper right corner of the main Maps screen.

This year, Apple introduced the new next-generation &zwnj. ;CarPlay‌ interface that will appear in high-end cars starting in 2024, but it's an add-on feature separate from it.

It looks like this new interface will be available in cars that support dual-screen Apple Maps CarPlay. , with additional ‌Apple Maps‌ view located on the driver display or head-up display. ‌CarPlay‌ started supporting this feature several years ago, but manufacturers have been slow to implement it: BMW, Volvo and Polestar were among the first on some cars.

Although these cars support ‌Apple Maps‌ on the driver display, they don't display text prompts like upcoming turns or lane guidance, so it looks like today's addition will give users some control over what information is shown where.

With the iOS 17.4 Display update The driver will additionally be shown step-by-step instructions so that ‌CarPlay‌ users can navigate without taking their eyes off the display right in front of them.

iOS 17.4 is currently only available to developers and public beta testers, but the general release will be in March.

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