iOS 17.4: Apple's “new instrument cluster” for CarPlay showcased

Apple's upcoming iOS 17.4 software update includes important changes to the App Store in the EU, new emoji for everyone and, quite Recently a small CarPlay update. With the release of iOS 17.4 beta 4 this week, we've now seen exactly what this change looks like in compatible vehicles.

Here&# 8217;so Apple describes the CarPlay update in iOS 17.4:

In iOS 17.4 with supported CarPlay vehicles, Apple Maps will introduce a new instrument cluster interface. with information about upcoming maneuvers. Users will be able to switch the desired display type between the main screen and the instrument cluster screen by pressing the map configuration button in the upper right corner of the main Maps screen.

In other words, you can now toggle the map display in vehicles with two screens.

While navigating, Apple Maps provides two ways to view your trip in CarPlay: a street-level view of the road ahead. and a sky-level overview of your overall journey progress.

For a single display, CarPlay allows you to switch between two views, since you can only see one at a time.

Although less common, some cars also use the instrument cluster behind the wheel as a second display for Maps data in CarPlay.

Prior to iOS 17.4, the primary display showed a level street view. while the instrument cluster displayed an overview of your navigation.

Starting with iOS 17.4, vehicles with instrument cluster displays can also switch the main display between a street-level view and a sky-level view. Switching modes simply changes which screen the view is displayed on.

Essentially, this just means turn-by-turn directions can now be displayed behind the steering wheel rather than an overview mode.

So what does this look like in the real world? Redditor u/aroonygin shared these shots from his Polestar 2 after updating his iPhone to iOS 17.4.

Single view before iOS 17.4:

New option starting with iOS 17.4:

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Images via Reddit

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