Instagram's Friends Map Can Clone Snapchat's Snap Map Feature [U:Meta Confirms]

Update: Meta has confirmed that it is working on this feature, but hasn't said when we can expect it to launch.

There are signs that an Instagram friends map may be in the works, seemingly copying the Snap Map location-sharing feature that Snapchat first launched back in 2017 …

Snap map

Snap map was first launched as a way for Snapchat users to view content by location, but also allowed users to share their location with friends.

If you and friends follow each other friends, you can share your location with each other to see where they are and what's happening around them!

This feature has been expanded several times since then:

  • Snapchat is adding a new Explore Map feature to make it even easier to keep track of your friends.
  • Snapchat for iOS expands the popular location-sharing feature Snap Map with Places. '
  • Snapchat Map now offers memories and an updated exploration interface.
  • Snapchat is taking a page from Apple's Find Me feature with a new real-time location sharing feature.

Instagram Friends Map

Developer and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi noticed last November that Instagram appeared to be working on a friends map, and has now discovered a series of screens showing how it will work.

Introducing the Instagram Friends Card. Your friends on the map. Find out what your friends are sharing.

Leave notes for the card only. Find a new reason to share what's happening, wherever you are.

  • Choose which friends to share with.
  • Your location is end-to-end. end encryped
  • Whatever is included in the location tag will appear on the map.

Choose who can see your last active location. This will not affect the visibility of notes you leave on the card. You can always change this in the settings. Your location will only be updated when you open Instagram.

As always with this type of discovery, it's unknown when or if this feature will launch, but Paluzzi has a good track record of highlighting features that actually make it into the app.

Mashable notes that this is not the first time Instagram has cloned features from other social media apps.

The stories were copied from Snapchat. Reels are a TikTok scam. He copied notes and threads from Twitter/X and Candid from BeReal.

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