Independent App Sales Event Returns with Big Discounts on iOS and macOS Apps

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“Indie App Sales” has become an important event in the community of independent developers working on Apple platforms as they come together to promote their applications with special discounts. And the event returns with great deals on apps for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS and even VisionOS.

Indie app sales are back for the March 2024 release

For those unfamiliar, the Independent Developer Sale is hosted by Matt Corey, developer of Signals for HomeKit and Bills to Budget. During the event, Corey talks about the best deals on apps from independent developers in the App Store. “We currently have over 160 apps listed that will be offering discounts next week,” the company said. Corey told 9to5Mac.

This independent app launch will take place on March 12th and 13th and includes many popular apps loved by the Apple community. And now developers also have the opportunity to promote their newly released VisionOS apps for Apple Vision Pro.

“Each of these apps is developed by an independent app developer – this can mean many different things, but they are usually created by very small teams or even individuals working full-time or part-time. Indie app developers are the epitome of small business, and we certainly appreciate your support.”

Here are some of the apps you'll find discounted during the event:

  • App Wrapper
  • AppJournal
  • Budget Accounts
  • Bolt
  • CardioBot
  • DisplayBuddy
  • Elytra
  • Kaleidoscope
  • LongPlay

Buy the apps you want at a discount

Some of these apps are already reviewed and regularly used by the 9to5Mac team, such as: DisplayBuddy, Home Widget for HomeKit, and Kaleidoscope. If you've been thinking about purchasing some of these apps, now is the time to do so.

More information about the next independent app sales can be found here.

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