If your Apple Vision Pro is stolen, Find My won't help you get it back.

Don't lose your Apple Vision Pro

Support document published in After the release of Apple Vision Pro, it became clear that everything What you can do with Find My if you lose your headset is lock it.

Presumably, Apple is counting on the size of the headset and a protective band to protect it from loss. That's a good thing, because the support document published on Friday clearly states that you won't be able to use your iPhone to find it.

“When you turn on Find My, you protect your Vision Pro with Activation Lock – but you can't use another Apple device or the Internet to find your Vision Pro on a map, play a sound to help locate it, set it to Lost Mode, or remotely remove it,” Apple said in the document.

This is likely an engineering choice. There is no battery in the headset itself. The battery is attached to the side of the headset via a removable cap, and when it's disconnected, there's no “grace period” to replace it with a new battery — it just turns off.

If you lose it, there's always an activation lock. This can be set up in Find My, just like you would remotely lock any other device if it is lost.

Apple also makes it clear that users should not become owners of the Apple Vision Pro if it is still protected by Activation Lock.

A giant Apple Vision Pro bag next to a regular-sized backpack

But there's always an AirTag. And the backpack-sized travel bag Apple sells has more than enough space.

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