If you have an AT&T iPhone, your information may have been stolen.

AT&T is finally resetting passcodes for current customers after hackers stole a ton of customer data over two years ago.

The vast majority of the compromised passwords belonged to approximately 65.4 million current and former AT&T customers. However, the company has reset passwords for 7.6 million of its current customers, using the typical caution that is often cited.

Passwords are typically four-digit numbers used to verify customer accounts when accessed by customers or AT&T support staff. No account passwords were revealed as a result of the hack.

Although passwords and other information have been encrypted, it is still possible to decrypt the data. In addition to passwords, the leaked data includes customer names, dates of birth, home addresses, phone numbers and Social Security numbers.

The stolen data was first reported on hacker forums in 2021. AT&T denies the hack is real — until now.

The company continues to say that it has no evidence of “unauthorized access to its systems resulting in the theft of a data set.”

He created a new web page reporting the incident, with tips on how customers can keep their account secure.

“Our internal teams are working with external cybersecurity experts to analyze the situation,” AT&T said in a statement. It added that the compromised data “does not contain personal financial information or call history” and the company will offer free identity theft and credit monitoring services to affected customers.

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