iCloud Mail and iCloud Web Apps users are experiencing a sudden crash

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Disabling some Apple iCloud services causes problems for users. Having problems using iCloud Mail and iCloud Web Apps.

On Tuesday, iCloud Mail users discovered they were having trouble using the service. Some people couldn't access iCloud Mail at all, and some had difficulty using it at all after gaining access.

According to Apple's system status site, there is currently one “failure” and one “problem.” The outage affected iCloud Mail, affecting “some users” who were “unable to send, receive, or access mail.”

The “issue” listed is related to iCloud Web Apps, again with “some users” unable to sign in. Since both apps are under the iCloud banner, they may be related in some way.

Both issues were flagged by Apple on the system status page at 2:31 p.m. Eastern time. Apple hasn't provided a timeline for a fix or further details about what went wrong, but it's likely the issue will be fixed within a few hours of the company discovering it.

Apple online service outages are random and can sometimes happen at inconvenient times. Sometimes several problems arise one after another.

On January 29, Apple fixed problems with AppleCare on Device, Apple Music and the iTunes Store. Also completed scheduled maintenance for Apple Cash and Apple Pay & Wallet January 28.

AppleInsider will continue to monitor the situation.

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