iCloud for Windows redesigned, Apple Music and Apple TV preview, iTunes remains

Apple has been in the process of ending support for iTunes for almost five years now. This process is still ongoing on Windows PCs. Starting today, the Apple Music and Apple TV apps for Windows are no longer in preview. However, iTunes still plays a role on the platform. In addition, Apple has redesigned the iCloud application for Windows.

iCloud for Windows

Let's start with the new version of iCloud for Windows. The new look aims to make it clearer where to access it on PC. It also aims to clarify what content is synced across devices.

Apple also introduced a new sign-up process that includes a progress bar for content synchronization with iCloud. Other key changes include improved sync performance with Microsoft Photos, physical security key support for Apple ID, and, perhaps most importantly, a reduction in sign-in prompts.

iTunes Shakeup

In another big move today, Apple has taken Apple Music and Apple TV for Windows out of preview status. This continues the shift from the all-encompassing iTunes app on Windows to separate apps for each service (as already exists on the Mac).

While the Mac has a Finder for syncing devices, Windows has Apple's Devices app ” It has officially been joined by Apple Music and Apple TV as those apps have exited preview status. And there is a fourth application… iTunes.

Although most functionality is being removed from iTunes for Windows, the legacy app will still be usable on your PC. Namely, playing podcasts and audiobooks. There's no word yet on whether Apple is planning suitable Podcasts and Books apps for Windows.

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