How to use Microcosft Copilot on iOS and iPadOS

Microsoft Copilot for iOS and iPadOS

Microsoft Copilot is an artificial intelligence assistant available on multiple platforms. Here's how to use Microsoft's Siri competitor on iOS and iPadOS.

AI assistants help you get work done faster by providing you with answers that you send them in the form of prompts – questions you ask them in text or voice form, which they respond to with information, images, videos, etc. etc. or other media.

Most text or voice assistants powered by artificial intelligence are called chatbots. Using these apps, you can type or speak a prompt to the chatbot and it will respond, usually within a few seconds.

Microsoft's chatbot is called Copilot. It can provide you with text, generate images (generative artificial intelligence or GenAI), help you organize or cook, search or find things you need, play music, and even write code.

Getting started with Copilot

We've already covered most of Copilot's internal workings, features, and pricing in a previous article about Copilot for Mac, so we won't repeat the same details here.

Instead, we'll look at Copilot, which runs on iPhone and iPad, which you can download from the App Store on your iOS device. There is currently no version of Copilot for Apple Watch or Apple TV, but those versions are rumored to be in development.

Microsoft also has a dedicated Copilot app page on its website.

If you have a Microsoft account, you can sign in to it using the Copilot app, and if you do, it will remember all your past queries and use them to better formulate answers in the future.

But even if you don't use a Microsoft account, Copilot is still incredibly useful. There is a free tier, a paid tier, and an Enterprise tier.

To get started with Copilot on your iOS device, launch the App Store app on your device, search for “Copilot,” and when it appears, download it to your device.

Launching it is as easy as tapping it on your device's home screen.

Launch Copilot on iOS.

When you launch it for the first time, you will see several explanations and a Continue

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