How to track your mood on Apple Watch and why it's useful

Apple Watch with watchOS 10 comes with a number of new health and fitness features, one in particular aimed at mental health support. Find out how to track your mood on Apple Watch in the latest version of the Mindfulness app and the benefits it provides.

Here's how Apple describes the new State of Mind; Apple Watch feature and why it's useful:

“Mental health is just as important as physical health, and research shows that reflecting on your state of mind can help improve emotional awareness and resilience. With the Mindfulness app in watchOS 10, users can seamlessly and conveniently capture their moment-to-moment emotions and daily mood. Users can rotate the Digital Crown to scroll through interesting multi-dimensional shapes, choose what they're feeling, choose what affects them the most, and describe how they're feeling.

In addition to tracking moods using Apple Watch, this The feature is available on iPhone in the Health app with iOS 17 (plus there's a new standalone Journal app as another way to support mental health).

How to track mood on Apple Watch

  1. On an Apple Watch running watchOS 10, open the Mindfulness app
  2. Select a new State of Mind
  3. After clicking Start > when you first open it, write down how you feel at the moment, or write down how you “felt” yourself as a whole”; for the day
  4. You'll see “neutral” first, swipe or use the digital crown to choose from seven options.
    • Choices include: very unpleasant, unpleasant, slightly unpleasant, neutral, slightly pleasant, pleasant, very pleasant
  5. Click the check mark in the upper right corner, to select a state of mind.
  6. Now you can optionally add what emotions you feel.
  7. Finally, if you&#8217 ;wish you could write down “what makes you have the greatest influence”

If you want to get into the habit of recording your mood on Apple Watch regularly, you can turn on reminders to track it twice a day.

To view and track your mood on iPhone with iOS 17, go to the Health app &gt ; View Tab > Mental wellbeing > State of mind > Journal.

Here's what mood tracking looks like on Apple Watch with watchOS 10:

You can now swipe or swipe through seven options:

Here's a look at some emotions. which you can use to further describe your feelings (you can choose more than one):

Finally, you can write down what influences you the most (again, you can choose more than one):

To view previous mood logs, go to the Health app on iPhone > View Tab > Mental well-being. And you can log new mood notes from your iPhone.

In the same section of the Health app, you can also find a mental health questionnaire.

What do you think about this mindfulness method? ? peculiarity? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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