How to see steps using Apple Watch, including distance and custom difficulties

Whether you just purchased an Apple Watch or have been using it for a long time, but don’t have one before, you’ve been closely tracking your steps, it's easy to do. Follow the steps to view your steps on Apple Watch, including distance, number of flights taken, and daily, monthly, and yearly trends. We'll also look at how to set up additional steps tracking features right on your Apple Watch watch face.

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  • Settings track steps on Apple Watch
  • How to track and see steps on Apple Watch
  • Add a step counter to your Apple Watch watch face
  • How to track steps on Apple Watch on iPhone
  • How to track steps on Apple Watch on iPhone
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Set up your Apple Watch to track your steps

  • Once you connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone and start it up, it will automatically track your steps at any time. you wear it.
  • You can't set goals specifically for step counts, but they're easy to quickly review, and we’ I'll also talk about the option to place it on your watch face.
  • In the default Activity app on Apple Watch, you can see steps, distance, and flights traveled.
  • The Fitness app on iPhone shows trends in your daily, monthly, and yearly distance, in addition to all the data you can see on Apple Watch.

How to track and see steps on Apple Watch

Here's how to view your progress:

  1. Open the Activity app on Apple Watch
  2. Swipe downor scroll down using the Digital Crown.
  3. Your daily steps, distance, and miles covered appear at the bottom
  4. You can also tap the bar graph icon in the top left corner of the Activity app to view a weekly summary
  5. To view steps and related data about activities for another day, you will need to use the Fitness app on iPhone (step by step guide below)

Add number of steps per Apple Watch watch face

If you prefer to see your step count right on your Apple Watch watch face, check out our step-by-step guide to the process on the third App -party Complication Lab:

  • Hands-on: Creating Custom Apple Watch Health Complications Using “Complication Lab”

At the moment, Apple is not’ We don't offer our own way to track complex steps, so you'll have to use a third-party solution like Complication Lab.

How to track Apple Watch steps on iPhone

Here are two ways to view your step count and distance on iPhone:

Daily steps and distance

  1. Open Fitness app
  2. Select the Summary
  3. tab

  4. Tap the Activity Ring at the top
  5. Swipe down to view your steps and distance below, or select a different date by swiping the activity rings at the top or tapping the calendar icon

Distance trends

  1. Open the Fitness app
  2. Select the Summary tab
  3. Swipe down to view trends with distance walking/running, etc.
  4. Click to view detailed distance trends

Trends show whether your movement, exercise and distance activities are on the rise or decline.

Keep in mind that your data between Apple Watch and iPhone doesn't always sync exactly. But after a few minutes of new activity, your iPhone should match your watch.

The only caveat: if you take off your Apple Watch, take your iPhone with you, and walk long enough. or running. In this case, the Health app on iPhone will show more steps than the Activity app, which pulls Apple Watch data.

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